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All The Ways We Help With Postpartum Care

We know being a new parent or bringing home a new baby to siblings can be tough. Asking for help or knowing who to ask for help can be even tougher.

We offer customized doula support based on the unique needs of each family. Short-term or long-term postpartum packages include the following:

  • Postpartum non-medical maternal care and recovery support

  • Hands on education in newborn care, sleep, calming and soothing, and development

  • In-home certified lactation counseling (breastfeeding education and support.)

  • Sibling integration and bonding

  • Support for twins and multiples (We love working with twins!)

  • Day and/or over night doula support in your home

  • Customized parent education and postpartum care

  • Assistance with baby bonding

  • Help to organize the nursery and home

  • Grocery shopping and light meal preparation

  • Create a nurturing restful atmosphere in which parents may eat, shower, and nap

  • Coaching to help you get comfortable in your new parenting role

  • Household management assistance

  • Birthing Person and couple self-care support

  • Connecting you with local resources

  • Postpartum Belly Binding (for an additional fee).

I find so much joy in connecting with the families that I support and just really being a part of their journey into parenthood.

- Chloe McCarthy, Postpartum Doula, NoCo Doula Collective

What To Expect In A Consultation With Us....

We know being a new parent or bringing home a new baby to siblings can be tough. Asking for help or knowing who to ask for help can be even tougher.

We are proud that our team can offer everything from lactation counseling to overnight doula support.

We'll discuss your vision for life with your new baby, where you think you might need support, and talk about a plan that works best for your family. If we're the right support team for you, GREAT!

But if not, you're still going to come away with a clearer understanding of who can support you best. Plus, we're still going to send you resources and insights into how to make the transition with your new baby smoother.

If you're ready to book your consultation, fill out the form and choose a time! We look forward to meeting you soon!

Additional Postpartum Services


We can help siblings transition to big brother or sister, we can care for baby overnight while you get your rest, and we can help you navigate the journey that is feeding your new baby. No matter what kind of support you're looking for, we got you!

Overnight Doula Support

An overnight doula is your baby's dedicated caregiver who provides essential support and assistance to baby during the nighttime hours.

Their primary role is to take care of the baby’s needs, allowing exhausted parents to get much-needed rest and sleep.

Sibling Doula Support

A sibling doula is a specialized support person who assists families during childbirth by focusing on the needs and emotions of older siblings.

They provide comfort, engage in age-appropriate activities, and offer reassurance to siblings while their parents are in labor.

Postpartum Belly Binding

Postpartum belly binding is a tradition used in many cultures around the world for healing after birth. The method we use is based off of a Bengkung style.

Binding is a terrific way to help the muscle walls while healing and also supporting your spine and posture. There is a thought that binding also helps with emotional healing after pregnancy.

Lactation Services

During your sessions, your lactation counselor will observe breastfeeding/latch and address your individual concerns to best help you.

At the end of our session, you’ll get a specialized plan to help you establish and achieve future breastfeeding goals.

And we provide a lot of support remotely if a global pandemic says we need to do that too.

Labor & Birth





What Working With Us Is Like...

Here's what others have to say.

"Julianne really is your doula for life. She's a great support and advocate during pregnancy, birth, and after."

- Rebecca

"Throughout the entire journey into parenthood Katie always encouraged my husband and I to follow our instincts, and I think that is what makes her unique."

- Riley

"We had an idea of our ideal birth, but she gave us ideas and thoughts that allowed us to make an even more informed decision.

- Nicole

Birth Education


Want to get more personalized birth and postpartum education? You're in the right spot. If you're a client, these workshops are included with your package. If you're not a client, we would love to have you join us!

*Please note that these classes are not meant to replace prenatal classes, but are built to enhance them.

Labor Prep &

Birth Support

Monday, February 26

Monday, April 8

Monday, June 3

In this workshop, we will cover writing your birth preferences (not a birth plan) preparing your body for birth, labor interventions, and support through both unmedicated and medically managed labors.

Feeding The Baby

Monday, March 25

Monday, May 20

Monday, July 29

In this workshop, we will cover best practices for feeding your newborn, addressing expectations and feeding challenges, and advocating for both you and baby in a hospital setting.

Planning The

4th Trimester

Monday, March 11

Monday, May 6

Monday, June 17

This workshop was designed to help you thrive in the early postpartum days and weeks after your baby is born. I'll cover how to best care for your postpartum body, tips for getting sleep, good nutrition, the transition back to work, childcare, and how to nurture your relationship with your partner.

Not Your First Rodeo (Birth)

Monday, April 22

Monday, August 5

Monday, June 3

Not your first birth but feel like you could use a refresher? Wondering how this birth will be different from your last birth? Want to know how to prepare siblings for a baby? Then this group is for you.

Or maybe this is your first birth using a doula? In this workshop, I will help prepare you for all the things you need to know for a different birth from your first/last.

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